Saturday, 29 June 2013


I hinted a few weeks back that we had big news- well, you may have already guessed from other comments I have made that we are moving house.  The house has been up for sale for quite a while and we were talking abut not selling at all when, we found a buyer.  3 weeks on and there's only 3 weeks until we need to move- eek!  Packing up the house with a newborn and 2 other children under 5 whilst looking for another house, school and possible job 90 miles away has it's challenges! Then this week, my husband's Grandad has fallen ill and he has had to go to the Midlands to be with him and family.  Alas, I have little time for crafts.
I have to accept that this blog and my project 52 must be put on hold for a little while- boo!  I still have a few completed things that I haven't written about yet and will try to post about them when I get a few minutes.
For now I will share what I had for breakfast: Scotch pancakes and British Strawberries- soooo good.

I also hinted that I might think about face painting as one of my challenges which I have since practised on my children.  You can see the unfortunate victims on the project 52 page!

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