Saturday, 8 June 2013

car boot booty

Last Saturday we took a trip to Southport with my parents to have a picnic on the beach and fly a kite in the glorious weather.  En route we took a small detour to a car boot for some bargain hunting.  Despite being determined not to buy more linen, I couldn't say no when they were between 50p and £1!  Here are the spoils;
 2 small embroidered square tablecloths, one large tablecloth with 8 napkins for £1, 2 cushion covers, including 1 cushion for £2,  cross stitch sampler for 50p, and a table runner also for 50p

I love, love, love this tablecloth.  So much detail; birdies flowers and clouds.  So much technique and skill with oodles of time spent getting all the little petals right etc.  It shall be appreciated by its new owner!

 Another small square, embroidered tablecloth with slight colour variations in each beautiful basket.

 This is the large tablecloth with napkins and I couldn't be more pleased with the embroidery and lace work; an absolute STEAL!

A little table runner with some crochet lace detail at either end.  It is very delicate and the border lace is coming away in places which i will have to fix my hand but another steal.

Possibly my favourite item bought was this sampler.  I have been working on a Noah's Ark theme for Michael with a rainbow wall hanging and bunting above his Moses basket and cushion cover nearly completed (to be revealed soon).  I have also passed some feeding time looking on Pinterest at clouds, rainbows and kites.  Seeing this was a very pleasing find- especially since he was born in May, which has also been so sunshiney this year.  Now to get a suitable frame for it.

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