Friday, 15 March 2013

new project 52 posts

Apologies for the lateness in posting these but better late than never.  I am nearly finished on this week's makes and will take pics tomorrow.  I have a deadline of tomorrow to finish- which you will understand when I post but for now, here are the pics of the overdue projects from the last couple of weeks.  I am managing to do one new thing per week (at least) but am not very good at the documentation- namely writing up the posts on here :s Please bear with the pregnant lady a little longer!  For details of the pieces, click on the tab above, project 52 :D

Wk 7:

I ended up forgetting the example jar and made another on the day as posted earlier in the week but the possibilities are many and varied.

Wk 8:

I really love this one.  Folky, practical and unique (if i do say so myself!)

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