Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Bunny Play Overall

I have typed all this out and uploaded the pics with lots of connection failure in-between and realised I have posted it as a 'post' and not on the project 52 page!  Doh. Was just so pleased with it I got carried away.  So the project 52 page will be missing week 12 as it is here- on the main page.  Without further ado, here's this week's make:

Wk 12- Bunny Play Overall
I saw this in Mollie Makes and thought it looked like a fun thing to make.  I have also been making children's aprons for this coming craft fair and thought it may be timely for Easter to make a bunny version of this but as an overall/ apron

So I picked out some thick fabric in a salmon pink and laid it out on the floor.  Using one of the girls pre-existing aprons, I drew abound the bottom and up to the arm holes to give me an idea of length and width etc.

I cut one template out and then drew around it to cut out the back section.  I then turned over all the edges with a 1cm seam allowance to neaten the edges.  1st lesson for improvement learned here: use pinking shears as inside still looked a little messy :s  (The Mollie makes dress was made of courderouy and fully lined so eradicates this issue but since I was only making an apron, I felt single lining was adequate).

I had some velour type material in white that I thought would be perfect for the bunny face.  Using the template now cut out, i used this as a guide for the size of the bunny's face and drew the design in pencil on the back.....

And then cut it out although I did add lumpy cheeks and hair as I was cutting to make it more bunny-ish.  It could have been a cat or mouse or anything at that point!

I laid it on top of the front piece and pinned it down to keep fixed in place while I sewed it down.

I used a zig zag stitch as the material had already begun to fray (I was wearing a black jumper and the fibres from the fabric had come loose so I looked like I had been hugging the real thing). Lesson number 2 for improvement, do not use this velour fabric!  It takes too long to secure, neaten and re-stitch.  I am going to try again with faux fur!

 I then made the elastic cased sides. I toyed with making adjustable straps too but felt that this way made it look more finished.  It may look like more of a bib on an older child, but the elastic allows for this whilst prevents the sides from flapping open.  Here they are before being attached (I think they look like shrimps!)

This is where the fun begins!  I cut out the shapes  for the facial details and played around with the size of the ear inners, nose size/ position etc.  Once happy, I sewed them down.

I used black ribbon for the eyes and whiskers.  Lesson number 3 for improvement- Do not use ribbon as it too, frays.  A lot!

I also added two cotton teeth under the straight edge after this pic was taken.  My finishing touch had to be the little faux fur tail on the back.  A little circle, zig zag stitched onto the back near the bottom.

I can't wait to get the girls to model some pics of this for me and then I can also make adjustments for length and width.  I think the future ones will be cotton aprons with just a few fur details like ears and tails (like the Mollie Makes version) but for my 1st template- I am chuffed with this!

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