Wednesday, 6 February 2013

thrifted bargains

I will be posting my latest creation in the Project 52 page a little later but wanted to share a pic of the bargains I picked up this week in a couple of charity shops.
I love vintage embroidered table cloths and have quite a selection growing.  For 99p, I couldn't resist this little square linen one.  I will take some more pics of my favourite ones and upload soon.   
I have purchased a few jugs over the last 18 months only to have them be broken by workmen etc.  These were both reduced and I fell in love with the floral one.  Sadly, it isn't quite as pretty as it's predecessor but it's a good shape and size and will be perfect for summer bbq's.  The plain glass one will be used for all other everyday purposes in the hope of prolonging the life of this one. The other items include a bag of chocolate brown aran wool (possibly for a winter waistcoat for our new addition) and a peach floral sheet/  I also picked up a large fisher price garage for £1 and an Early Learners cottage (which has buttons with 4 sounds e.g. doorbell and phone).  I didn't get a pic of these as they were whisked away to be played with.  So less than a £10 spent on lots of little lovelies =happy girl xo

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