Saturday, 9 February 2013

Bargain quilt

Thinking of charity shop buys this week made me appreciate my favourite all time bargain which was a patchwork quilt with crochet centres for £5!  Now that I know how much effort goes into each quilt, I feel awful for the poor lady (or Gentleman) who put all those hours into the quilt, which was then sold so cheaply.  However, it is loved and appreciated very much.  Here it is in my dining room/ sewing room with a few other pics of my arranged fabrics and ribbons et al.

  Newly organised ribbon box.  It's not likely to stay like this though!
My Fabric shelf.  You may notice some little ladies poised within the folds of material.  They are creations of mine also which I hope to make more of in the future but they are still in the early stages!  Amongst the material are my magazines and books all within easy reach for inspiration if it is needed.

It may not be the most stylish room, but it is functional and I am very grateful to have this amount of space.  My sister regularly admonishes me for my grumbling about wanting it to be prettier when she doesn't have space for even a sewing machine :s  *whisper* If I could though I'd love something like one of these:

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