Monday, 25 February 2013

Craft Fair

As you will know from previous posts, I had a craft fair at the weekend and thought I would upload a few pics from the day.  I met some lovely fellow crafters who I am sure I will see more  of.  I will do one more fair this weekend and then that will be it until after the baby is born I think!  I have also added a couple of pics of my finished quilts that I was busy with last week.  I have another project up my sleeve which I will share in a day or so.
 This was my stall at the beginning of the fair although I did lift the maiden onto the stage so people could get a better view of the quilts.  I had wanted to make up a mini-bedroom but there simply wasn't the space.

This Quilt had been cut out and was waiting to be sewed together for months.  I have received a commission  to make a cushion cover like this for the coming craft fair.  I hope to get a few better pics of the other quilts in case they too sell, never to be seen by me again :D

This is Lisa Greenwood of Sacred Soul Creations.  Her cushions were made of beautiful fabrics and finished excellently.

 This is Yvette Wood from Butterbees gifts.  She had cute flannels shaped into creatures in addition to other funnies.  She can be found on Facebook.
 Here are the ladies from cakestreat, who can also be found on facebook.  I didn't actually taste any of their cakes on this occasion as I have lost my sweet tooth this time around.  They looked lovely though and I will be sure to try next time!
 A fantastic stall from Debbie of Northern Star Jewellery.  She can be found on  There was a prize for best stall on the day and Debbie gets my vote for a good selection and variety of jewellery with great presentation.

 This was my neighbours stall Sandra Hepworth who was such good company for the afternoon.  her pieces are all handmade and range from leather to felt work.  She has many individual unique pieces and I hope to see her again soon.
 Damian and Linda Ord have created Ordy's Homemade Chutney's and Preserves and can be found on twitter.  Again my pregnancy hormones prevented me from sampling their wares due to heartburn this time -boo.  There was a great selection though and Damian was very friendly.


  1. Lovely comments Katie! Everyone was so lovely at the craft fair, it makes the day all the more fun! x

  2. I realise on re-reading this that I didn't mention Linda from Ordy's chutneys- i didn't see or speak to her as i think we were both busy with our own stalls. I didn't mean to imply that only Damien was friendly (in case anyone read it that way). I have since chatted to Linda at the subsequent fair, and she is lovely too! They won the best stall as their presentation as well as merchandise was voted for as the best by the fellow stall holders and visitors to the fair. Congratulations to them both :D