Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Sentimental scrapbooks

I have posted before about how I like to keep scrapbooks of Christmas makes and images from the girls but I also like to do them for our holidays.  I'm not sure if it is due to being a teacher for so many years that there is something about the holidays I absolutely relish as an opportunity to cram as much family time as I can.  I posted throughout the summer of our family days out but I still like to collect mementos from our days and stick them down.  When I look on pinterest at the beautiful art that have been created by proper scrapbookers, I know this doesn't qualify in that category, but it really is just about keeping a record of what we have done as a family.  The girls love to look through them and know that their makes were treasured and so, here are some pictures of our recent scrap books.  The White one is from last Easter 2014, the pink is out family holiday earlier this year to Norfolk, and the green is our summer this year 2015.  I prefer the coloured paper as a background and like them to be more than just photos but I won't write any more but let the pictures do the talking.

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