Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Christmas crafty purchases

 I mentioned in my previous post that I'd bought a felt Angel at the Christmas fayre and thoughtful show you a close up since she was so lovely. I've also included a picture of her back as this is what sold her to my daughter's- they called her the 'rainbow fairy'. You can also appreciate the simple structure that made her so appealing.

I also took the children to the Worcester Vitorian market on Friday after school. We arrived a little after 4 and soon it was dark so the lights shone all the brighter and it became more magical to see the vendors in top hats, waistcoats and tails with ladies decked in floor length gowns, matching shoes, hats and gloves. So dark that my poor phone battery didn't cope too well!

This was the only shot that worked which doesn't't exactly demonstrate the colours of Christmas lights reflecting off the glistening wet streets, but it does show 2 little happy faces!
The smell of the food was enticing and we shared some chips with a festive sausage from the German stall. Theyalsosampled several German gingerbread biscuits but resisted the temptation to by focused.on decorations. There was so much on offer and individual crafters and sellers which is a big contrast to the other big city markets where every 5 stalls it's the same things. We bought 5 felt decorations for £10 so not exactly cheap but it's one for each member of the family; I chose the Dala horse, the robin for daddy as he is a birdwatcher, Fionaa liked the Rudolph, Lydia the candy cane and Michael wanted baby Jesus (his was put to a vote actually and it was unanimous!)
This little fellow was being sold in the guild hall which often hosts craft features and I have bought from this lady before as I love the character she knits into these creations. I couldn't resist him and he's a present for my nephew who was 12 weeks prem back in May and is a little miracle who make  me want to lavish him with things in thanks for his little life. I will however show love through a quilt for him which is underway and I hope to share soon.

I have made some Christmas gifts that I'm dying to share but have to wait until one is received before I ruin the surprise with pictures. It should be delivered before the weekend so I will share then and perhaps house festive decorations may also have commenced and be on evidence...

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