Friday, 8 November 2013

Paper Baubles

I love the very ornate glass baubles from the likes of Russia.  A few years back I went to Poland and regret that I didn't buy any while I was there as they are more expensive over here.  A few searches on ebay has allowed me to purchase some vintage baubles which I will be collecting next week, but in the meantime I have been utilising the big shot to create more basic paper baubles.

I also went shopping for the first time this week and in time for the new pretty Christmas paper with co-coordinating cellotape and ribbon in Wilkinsons.  It was just very hard to choose which range to get as they had woodland creatures and a Scandinavian-esq grey themed reindeer.

I chose the Nordic route and here's what I've created:

For full descriptions for how I created both of these, please look at my project 52 page (which should probably be renamed now as it has been a failed challenge! Yet I am telling myself it was merely postponed and I will try to catch up- eek or at least to 52 new things)  I get very excited at Christmas, starting in November so I warn you that lots of my posts now may well be Christmas related although I can't apologise for it as I'm not sorry.  Did I mention, I love Christmas and love crafting at Christmas! 

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