Tuesday, 26 May 2015

All hail pinterest!

I have said in a recent post that I am in the process of 'tidying the garden' although in actual fact I can't do very much at this stage as it requires fences to be built, a gigantic tree stump to be removed and a lot if digging up weeds. I did attempt the latter and manage  to cause my discs in my back to dislodge again so I have resigned myself to slow progress and much design. All hail pinterest: my pinterest garden board
Included on my board are colours of paint that we like for our new shed and fencing, ideas for raised planters using left over fencing and ideal shrubbery design. I still have to learn the names of plants and we have a front garden to also 'update'. Here are a few of my favourite pins.

This is the colour we think we are going to go for with accents of white e.g. the apex of the shed and the window sill.

I like this idea of planters creating a border and am hoping to convince my dad to help.me to make some with left over fencing and may also paint these white as a contrast to the green fencing. 
I also want the garden to be colourful and vibrant for as much of the year as possible.  Obviously plants and flowers need time to grow so it won't look like this overnight. I have purchased 2 pot plants so far; a blue freesia and a romer pink ranunculus. 

We are also hoping to move what I think is a hypericum from the front garden to the back right hand corner.  It is currently in front of the kitchen window and so obscuring light and visibility.

This is our house from the front showing the 2 large hypericums and it is the one closest to the house that we will be moving.  The metal gate has been removed along with the wire fencing and bespoke featherboard panels are being made up for us by our friend.

 The stump is being removed by the end of June which is slowing the work but it will be worth it in the end.  I hope this space will be transformed into a colourful happy place for us all to enjoy and perhaps I will be tempted to take some small items of craft outdoors.

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