Monday, 25 August 2014

National Trust

We recently became members of the National Trust which has been great timing for the Summer Holidays as it means there is always somewhere for us to go to.  It costs us £8 a month which I feel we have gotten good value for money as we have made several trips already.  At Easter we went to Croft castle and since then we have visited Hanbury Hall, Dudmaston Manor and Brockhampton Estate.  There have been nature trails for the kids to do and other nature based activities at a small charge.  Most of these sites have fantastic play areas for the kids as well as the beautiful interiors of the houses to explore.  There have been lovely natural play areas within the grounds too which add variety and adventure to these trips which could otherwise be seen as boring.  There is an initiative taking place which is a scrap book of challenges for children to do before they turn 11 and 3/4 including building a den and tree climbing which we have begun.  Here are some pics I've managed to take along the way of our little family enjoying ourselves.

 Hanbury Hall:

Dudmaston Estate:

Brockhampton Estate:


  1. We love the National Trust as well. We've been taking our kids since they were tiny, and we always have a nice time. Who says kids don't enjoy strolling through a garden seeing what plants we can identify, or picking our favourite variety of rose, or pretending perhaps those sphinx statues on the wall may come to life and force you to answer a riddle before allowing you to pass. (At least, that's what we do when we're National Trusting!) We also find National Trust properties are great for stopping on long car journeys in lieu of service stations. A bit of food (usually much nicer than what you'd get at Burger King), and space to run around before getting back into the car. Always a winner, and there is almost always a property not far from the motorway on any route we've taken.

    Lovely to hear of your adventures and see your girls, Katie. They are getting so big!

  2. Lovely to hear from you Lauren and couldn't agree more! Every quiet spot in woodlands is an opportunity to look for fairies and every bridge is a home for a troll. I bought some great books to help us to spot the different flowers and birds etc which we have used a little too. The kids certainly are growing and with it, the stimulation challenge increases too so National Trust has been brilliant for us. I love reading of your kids adventures too and also can't believe how mature they are. I imagine Ezra LOVES castles. We haven't ventured further from this area so far but we will certainly venture further afield now that we have the bug :D

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    1. Thankyou Sarah although I have to give credit to my camera which makes photography easy! Hope you're all well x