Saturday, 7 June 2014

Princesses and pottery

This will be a very short post but I wanted to share some of my moments this week.

I bought these two plates one afternoon after popping very quickly into a charity shop.  I knew they would be a good match for the cushion covers I have been making.

Then on a different day and in another shop I saw this and decided to buy it too.

Here they are with the cushion covers which I have since finished adding the crochet doilies to (but forgot to photograph!)

I washed the girls Princess Dresses and had to take a picture of them on the line as they were so bright and pretty.

After a lovely day at a local fete, I was very very tempted to get fish and chips but we passed Tesco first so we went there and bought healthy-ish food instead.  Salad with my special dressing (Okay so just a basic Italian one I learned when I worked at a restaurant many years ago; Olive oil, vinegar, dash of mustard, tspn honey and black pepper) , cheese, peppers, celery, houmous, tomatoes, chicken pieces, ham, salami, tomato and red pepper pasta and pate smothered baguette- it was delicious!

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