Monday, 19 August 2013

Technological seperation

Two weeks ago, I misplaced my phone which was a challenge although I still had access to the internet until  my laptop charger decided to totally stop working without warning.  No computer and no phone is difficult without a land-line and my husband was away thus I have been technologically alienated from the world for 10 days.  A few beautiful days ago, my new charger arrived and then last night, I found my phone- whoop whoop.  I am able to re-connect only to say that the crafting drought still continues as I still haven't unpacked properly or organised my craft bits.  I do have a few things to share of a home-making theme which is, probably for me, what most of my craft stuff orientates around anyway- home and family.  The projects I will be adding to the project 52 page are therefore quite child and home focused- possibly a stretch in the 'craft' category but gardening and baking from the picking stage are new to me and have definite creative aspect.
On a slightly separate topic, note to self and fellow readers with antique enthusiast husbands; do not send one husband to the auction alone!  My very well meaning hubby returned with lots of furniture which, pretty as it is, we hadn't necessarily needed, yet I concede that I am economical and will therefore do my very best to use them.  To date we have purchased the following items for our new home from a combination of the auction, car boot and second hand shops:

2 chests of drawers (one 2 drawers, and one 3 drawers)
2 tall floor lamps, both with shades attached,
2 small cabinets and one set of cluster tables
Tall Ercol corner what not
Antique plant stand & small plant stool
Large 2 door glass cabinet
Blanket box
Numerous framed pictures
2 jardinières a jug and a few other porcelain pieces for gardening purposes.

All the furniture is dark wood shades and a quick tally estimates this has all been just under £180!  I think Kirstie Alsopp would pat us on the back, especially since all the pieces are at least 40 years old with some being considerably older.  (I have enjoyed her programme 'fill your home for free!) Buying old does mean thoroughly cleaning everything though.  One set of drawers were particularly filthy and required a lot of clean in resulting in my still undecided on whether or not to paint them off-white.  I love the shabby chic look but hate feeling that I am just following a trend and am tempted to leave them as they are as the wood is beautiful when clean, even if that isn't anyone else's taste.
With all the furniture finding homes, I am beginning to love our new home, especially the living room, despite it being more granny chic than shabby chic.  As I complete sections of rooms I will try and upload pics of them.  Here is one section of our living room with a few of the named purchases.

The curtains and cushion were from our old house which be bought from Dunelm Mill a few years back and happened to be the same size as our new sash windows.  This is a new lamp, bought this week from a second hand shop for £10 again.  The shade is a pale green which ties in with the muted tones in this room and so the other lamp with the cream shade is now in our bedroom.  The cabinet/ telephone table came from the auction this week with the cluster tables in one lot (of which I am not a fan- why would I need 3 tables?!)  It's a very handy cabinet though, with 2 drawers for TV controls, spare batteries and other bits (and the girls love the little tables).  The cupboard section can house a few colouring books and jigsaws which I will rotate but means their toys are hidden from view and tidy.  The small plant stand/ stool was also from a second hand shop for £5 which is cute and functional but he plastic plants will soon be replaced by a living one hopefully!  The window sill isn't tidy yet but will have a collection of candlesticks and photo frames.

This is one of the sets of drawers which were grubby to begin with.  I love the handles though and little feet.  After cleaning the insides of the drawers with disinfectant, I have lined them with these lemon grass liners which leave a subtle scent on clothes whilst deterring moths etc.  

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