Monday, 22 April 2013

spoils for me

I shared some pics of the things I had been making for the craft fairs and mentioned how I was running low on some of my favourite material.  I decided that I would be a little selfish and make myself a bag from this said material and thought I'd show you the end results.  It isn't a new shape or particularly a challenge and so I haven't used it as a project in the Project 52 challenge.  Having said that, I did do a button hole for the first time in addition to an adjustable strap which I haven't attempted before either.  Enough waffling though- here are the pics:
 I decided to add a little ric- rac detail as I love it sooo much!  It was the last of the white and pink though making the bag all the more precious!
 Here is a close up of the wooden buttons I have used for the adjustable strap with said button hole.
 Not perfect but not too shabby either!  I also added a little belt loop for the strap to pass through to hold in place so that the bag doesn't flap open.  I didn't have enough fabric to make a messenger style bag but I may still add a little magnetic popper clasp to the top.  For now, the belt-style loop is working.
 It is lined with a thick white cotton pillow case.  I cut off the top and then inserted the bottom straight into the bag and sewed up the sides so quite a quick make.  As you can see,  I have already been using it and it is a perfect size for my maternity notes and a magazine in addition to the usual purse, phone, make-up keys etc
But I didn't stop there!  Inspired from the last make I did, I decided to make a matching makeup bag et voila;
 Using strips of material and more odd cuts of ric rac, I made a patchwork purse/ bag.
 Fortunately i have a little stash of zips in a wide variety of colours and this lavender one was perfect.
I needed a little extra fabric for the back and so needed to use some green sheeting for the bottom and used this lace to hide the seam.  The curtains which make up this fabric, the lace and green sheeting (and white pillow case for inside of bag) are ALL charity shop buys.  the zip was in a bag of about 14 which a guy in my local market on the haberdashery stall sold to me for £1.  I LOVE being thrifty and up-cycling these items and now I get to keep them.

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